Frequently Asked Questions

Is Norma's Fast License Inc open on Monday?

Yes, we are open from 10:00AM-5:00PM every Monday. The D.M.V. is closed on Monday.

What if my license plate sticker for my truck, car, motorcycle or trailer is already expired?

No problem, come in today and we can get you back on the road with a new sticker that is printed onsite.  If you are expired over a year, we will order you new plates.

What types of vehicles require an annual purchase of the State of Illinois registration sticker?

If you can drive your vehicle on the road and you live in Illinois, you’re required to purchase an annual vehicle registration sticker.

Can Norma's Fast License Inc print my new vehicle tag sticker on-site? 

Yes, bring in your sticker renewal card or registration card. Even easier, just take a picture of your rear license plate. All we need is your plate number and the expiration date to renew your sticker.

What do I need to transfer a vehicle title?

You will need the title signed by the seller. The title fee is $165. If you purchased from a dealer, you will need the title or MCO and bill of sale. Come in to Norma’s today instead of the D.M.V and save yourself precious time and frustration.

Will Norma's  Fast License Inc send the paperwork to the secretary of State for me? 

Of course, we deliver the paperwork directly to Springfield with customer service you cannot expect from D.MV! If there are any problems- don’t call them, call Norma’s Fast License because we work directly alongside Springfield’s supervisors so we can solve your problems.

My plates are suspended for mandatory insurance suspension. What do I do? 

Contact your insurance agent . They will submit proof of insurance electronically to the state. Then call the Illinois Mandatory Suspension at 217-524-4946 to clear your plate suspension. 

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